安博·体育:Dean's Speech

The Business School at CUPL is one of the most acclaimed business schools in China. It is AACSB accredited. In 2017, the school has piloted the first business school council of its kind as a part of the reform initiatives at CUPL. World class entrepreneurs and economist have been invited to sit on the council . They include celebrities such as Kong Dan, Song Zhiping, and Wang Jianlin. The business school has revamped its administrative and academic programs to fully take advantage its strength in law and business management. We have adopted the all new education concept of "one major with two wings, integrated innovation, and training of compound talents for society requirements". To accommodate this new education philosophy, the business school has established a comprehensive system which includes seven departments, one research institute and one MBA center. The establishment of the business school council and our completely revamped curriculums with updated modules marked the beginning of a new era for us. Our new integrated approach of augmenting our business programs with our strength in law has been a proven winning strategy. We look forward to the new challenges in the golden age of unprecedented opportunities and growth ahead of us!

We will continue our winning strategy to leverage our strength in the areas of Business Management of Legal entity, and Financing Capital Management. You will receive the best education in our business program that is augmented and reinforced by our strength in law. You will go down the history with our business school during this exciting time. The business school is definitely a new turning point for a new chapter in your life. Let’s work together and contribute to a brighter future of our business school at CUPL!


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