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Business History Institute of CUPL Business School is the first university level academic research institute focus on business history research and education in China, whose research works are thought to be the important foundation of the development of economic theories and the inspiration of innovating for corporate management theories. Therefore, Business History Institute is devoted to business history and financial history studies, and research fields of the institute include the domestic and overseas business history, especially the history of China’s state-owned enterprises reforms, institutional changes of firms, entrepreneurships, business archives collecting and studying, and business case studies. As an important academic research unit in CUPL Business School, Business History Institute enjoys a high academic reputation in the field of business history and economic history research in China.

Director of Business History Institute

Wu Yunxian, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of CUPL Business School

Prof. Wu also serves as director of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ China's Enterprises Innovation and Development Research Center, a council member of the China Association of Productivity Science, and executive member of the China's Society of Business History, and council member of the national society for the history of Marxist-Leninist economic theory.

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