安博·体育:The Brief of Department of Business Administration

The innovative mission of the Business School is “one major with two wings”. The Department of Business Administration belongs to the leading major in “one major” and is supported by “two emphases”, which refer to legal business administration and financial business administration. The Business School was also designated as the National Pilot Zone for the development of interdisciplinary talents – named as the pilot zone of the innovative training mode for the business leaders with a full understanding of law and appreciation for legal aspects of the business. The Department of Business Administration currently offers an undergraduate program in business administration, a master’s program in business management, and a doctoral research program focusing on multinational operations strategy.

Wang Ling, Department Head of Business Administration
Professor Wang Ling is a member of the Academic Committee at CUPL. She serves as the Director in the research center of Cross-Disciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship at CUPL. She received her bachelor's degree in Science, a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in business management from Tianjin University. She completed her Postdoctoral program at Tsinghua University. She was also a visiting scholar at Stanford University.

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