安博·体育:Department of Industrial Economics

The predecessor of the Department of Industrial Economics is Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Department of Economics. As a crucial part of the business school, the department was established in April 2018. Leveraging the rich legal resources of China University of Political Science and Law, the department has initiated an interdisciplinary and cross-specialty innovation in talent cultivation. By focusing on applied economics, law, artificial intelligence, and big data, it aims to become a domestic first-class and internationally influential base for digital economy talent cultivation. It has two master programs in Industrial Economics and Business Big Data Analysis, and its faculty can offer students high-quality teaching and research support in fields of economics, law, and artificial intelligence.

Li Chao, Head of the Department of Industrial Economics

Professor Li is a member of the sub-committee member of School Academic Committee. PhD in Demography, Postdoc in Business, Renmin University of China.

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