安博·体育:Postdoctoral Programme

In October 2019, the Center for Theoretical Economics Postdoctoral Research Programme of School of Business, China University of Political Science and Law, was officially approved, with Professor Jin Renshu as the Director.

Postdoctoral Programme acts as an important platform for strengthening the development of high-level talents and promoting the construction of disciplines. It plays a significant role in cultivating practical and innovative talents, building up state-of-the-art scientific research and innovation teams, yielding cutting-edge scientific research achievements, and forging ahead the combination of industry, education and research, and the application of scientific and technological achievements. Postdoctoral researchers are major source of cultivating innovative high-level talents at colleges and universities, who may well be named as the “reservoir” for backing up outstanding young teachers.

The approval of the postdoctoral programme manifests a major achievement in the School’s discipline construction, as well as an all-round test of its discipline system reform over the years. Since the reform of the discipline system, all faculties, under the leadership of the Dean, Professor Liu Jipeng, has united as one, contributing unremittingly for the School’s future development. In light of this, the School shall carry forward further reform of discipline system in hope of making new breakthroughs.

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